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As we write this, the contemporary music radio airplay charts are comprised of less than 20% of women recording artists. The Radio & Records Triple A Chart (Adult Album Alternative) has on average a half a dozen female artists charting on their Top 30. It's a little more hopeful on the AC (Adult Contemporary) and CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) Charts, but the bottom really falls out on the Alternative and Rock charts, with practically no women currently charting...

Come Again?
According to the latest Gender Analysis Summary released by the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group, women manage only 17% of the nearly 5,000 radio stations owned by groups holding 12 or more stations in the U.S. They fare slightly better in these groups than in the industry as a whole, where they manage only 15.2% of more than 10,000 stations. The average group has 40 stations and 11 GMs, only 2 of whom are women. Well, you don't think a woman radio executive would say that "we're not in the music business, we're in the advertising business" do you? That comment was reserved for Lowry Mays, Clear Channel Communications founder and personal friend of George W. Bush.

Someone Had to Say It...
"Testing one, two, three in the market place, it's a demographic base disgrace and the stupid, secret white boy handshake that we'll never be part of... C'mon girls, let's go right now!" (Amy Ray from “Lucystoners”)

SOomeone Had to Do It... is owned, operated and created by women. is the first ever, women’s radio network appealing to and playing women of all ages, races and orientations. Of course, men are welcome to tune in, and in fact, we hope they will as they’ve sadly missed out on a lot of really great music if they've only been listening to male-dominated terrestrial radio. creators, Sandy Shore and Donna K. Phillips have been in the music industry for several decades and have been committed to creating global listening communities on the Internet by building boutique radio stations offering a deep, artful mix of music with creativity and thoughtfulness. Since the launch and development of two successful eclectic jazz/lounge radio stations in the year 2000, and are currently broadcasting some 3 million listener hours per month!

Introducing: Real.Radical.Radio. is a one-of-a-kind, multi-genre, womens Internet Broadcasting outlet devoted to real music by real artists leaning independent in both spirit and autonomous music ownership.

In addition to supporting long time favorites such as Ani DiFranco, Amy Ray, Joan Armatrading, Joni Mitchell, k.d. lang, Patty Larkin, Cassandra Wilson et al, as well as edgy emerging chanteuses such as Regina Spektor, Sia, and Amy Winehouse, we intend to discover, debut and develop talented women artists so that their voices may also be heard around the world. Each song, chosen for its feel, message and heart regardless of genre creates a sonic tapestry to move listeners. Radio… artfully blending without boundaries with clear consciousness.

That's radio to us.

The Art in in the Blend...
It's not just about throwing a bunch of really great music into an iPod and rolling. The art of radio is in the mix my friend. Matching artists, songs, and lyrics to weave a sonic tapestry to make you feel something... To move you to experience life fully. That's radio to us. artfully blends without boundaries with clear consciousness.  

Let's Do This...
We pay royalties, bandwidth and administration costs to toss the tables on the music industry's Boys Club. We need support from individuals and businesses that get what we do, understand the immediacy and intimacy of radio and want to reach an intelligent audience of educated, loyal listeners. We're looking for people, products and services that are integral to our audience and offer empowering ideas that make a difference and enhance lives.

A few facts for the marketing minded...
- According to the U.S. Census Bureau women use the Internet more than men do.

- According to the Washington Business Journal, "A surprisingly large number of companies continue to ignore female consumers. You do so at your own peril. Last year, women earned more than $1 trillion dollars, and 64 percent of all working women now earn more than half their family's income."

- Also according to the Washington Business Journal, women are consumers with substantial discretionary income. Last year, women spent $3.5 trillion on retail products and services. Commercially, close to 8 million women now own businesses and those companies collectively employ some 18.5 million people.

- Tom Peters, the author of "In Search of Excellence," and a well-known business strategist, says successfully targeting female consumers is the premiere business opportunity for the next decade. The reasons are compelling. Women are better-informed consumers, have more of their own income and make, or influence, more of the purchasing decisions than ever before.

- J.D. Power and Associates reports that women now purchase more than half of all cars sold in the United States and "significantly influence" 80 percent of all auto purchases.

- According to Media Group, Technology-savvy women are driving the increase in digital music sales. The report said that women spend longer listening to music than men, discover more music and listen to more podcasts. The report states, "The freedom afforded by new technology means that women are now confidently downloading music at home and broadening their musical horizons in private. Technology has changed how women approach music and we are seeing increasing numbers turning to music magazines for expert guidance and edited choice in the cluttered world."

- Since 1991, women have out spent men on sports shoes and sports apparel, and women now account for nearly half of the $3 billion market for NBA merchandise.

- A Roper survey found that two-thirds of all women -- but only 15 percent of all men -- were likely to switch brands "based on a good cause."

Let's Cross-Pollinate
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