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Sandy Shore

CITY OF ORIGIN: Santa Monica, CA

SKILL SET: Ideas... Painting on white canvases. Making something out of nothing.

INTERESTS: Riding Italian motor scooters, movies, long lunches, writing, art and refreshing beverages.

PURPOSE: To blow past all previously set boundaries by creating a radio experience that defies gravity by blending a deep mix of music from a wide range of artists and genres all the while remaining accessible and intriguing to listeners

LITTLE KNOWN: Used to be a tennis instructor. Loves to doodle and color... anything, but particularly with ink pens. Loves to write... anything, but particularly letters. Steals away to Big Sur as often as possible. Has several tattoos including a lyric from a favorite singer.

ATTRACTIONS: Smart & clever...



I started my radio career as an intern in 1979 at a small AM radio station on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA at the age of 15. I used to have to report to work at 5 am before high school to prepare the news and the coffee. I wasn't very good at either. I'm a California radio girl through and through having worked in Los Angeles (KTWV The Wave), Orange County (KWIZ & KWVE), San Bernardino (KMEN), San Francisco (KKSF), and Monterey (KPIG, KXDC, CD93, KMBY, & KWAV). Is it coincidence that I've worked for three radio stations with Wave in their call letters? Probably not with a name like 'Sandy Shore.' I've had the privilege of interviewing some exciting people in my career and I hope that it's only the beginning... Interviews that stick out in my mind for one reason or another are Jakob Dylan (soulful eyes), Melissa Ferrick (wicked sense of humor), Patty Larkin (what can I say, she's brilliant), David Crosby (a font of experience), and John Prine (one of a kind). I started producing concert events in the Monterey Bay area in 1995 which turned out to be nearly a decade long venture ... Loved just about every second of it despite the long hours. and challenging personalities. Live concerts that stand out as unique include Diana Krall, all of the visits from Acoustic Alchemy and Kenny Loggins because I ended up spending the entire day shopping with him in Carmel prior to the show. That was weird.

While I've certainly logged the hours on the air, and have spent nearly three decades in the music business, the above info isn't really going to tell you everything I'd like you to know about me... Like the fact that I am passionate about radio. That's what I really want you to know. I'm not referring to radio in it's current state... I'm referring to the medium of radio that is art and it has always been beautiful to me. I knew at the age of 8 that I wanted to paint with music. Not as a musician, but as an artist that blends songs. I wanted to be a Disc Jockey because I wanted to put sets of songs together in an artful way that would make people feel something. Radio isn't making people feel anything other than frustration. I believe that Internet Radio is a new frontier and we plan to restore the beauty of radio right here, right now by exploding the old model and playing songs that are chosen individually for their quality not for their major label status, or because they tested well in a research auditorium.

In the 1980's, I was told that I couldn't play two women artists back to back on the air (or I'd be fired). I was also told that I would never be on the air during the days because women DJs only worked at night on and the weekends. And in the early 1990's I was told that I would be fired for playing Tracy Chapman's music (I played it anyway and then quit.)

You'll hear Tracy's music on GoGirl. is the culmination of my life's work to date and what I was born to do. It is a collaboration between myself and my partner, Donna K. Phillips who share's the depth of my vision and thank God, colors outside of the lines with hers.

Donna K Phillips


SKILL SET: Organizing chaos into functional simplicity.

INTERESTS:Dancing my ass off, Roller Skating, ATVing, trying anything I haven't done.

Being a member of the 1st Monterey Women's Outrigger Canoe Crew to complete the Monterey Bay Crossing (23 miles), the Catalina Crossing (24 miles), the Kona Coastline (22 miles) and the Molokai Channel Crossing (45 miles) in the last year 2005-2006. <story>

"Basil" our Bossie Aussie Shepherd and resident Frisbee champ and our dancing African Gray Parrot "Pongo." Consciousness twisting lyrics with unique melodies.

WORTHY GOALS: Take ship from US East Coast to West Coast around South American & Cape horn (check), move to Europe, travel more and living life for the sake of living, not working.

Anything I put my mind to.

Drinking International Dark Beers, Italian Espresso & smoking my pipe.. with friends if possible.

A bug, a van and an Aprillia 500cc Scooter.

Horror films or footage where animals are hurt, the plastic feel of our country right now.




I grew up a South Florida water baby who escaped the pervasive heat by playing at a wide array of water sports, building tree houses and teaching myself to illustrate. I was a little more than fascinated by those who expressed themselves through performance whether it be musical or otherwise. Having a great respect for the ability to use art to express one self, I had finally identified my tribe, although I had no vision for how to make this my life. Much gratitude goes to my high school art teacher / body building coach for giving me the kind push I needed to leave Miami and enroll in Art School.

Art School led me to New England, which led me to Northern CA. A freelance graphic designer with 2 years work experience, the family dog and my old Honda Accord containing my life's possessions knocking on the door of a promising new life. Problem was, Santa Cruz was full of graphic designers with dogs, hence very few jobs and very few houses. I spent the next few months teaching myself guitar and carpentry. Partly out of necessity (no furniture) and partly as a backup job skill. Kathleen Roberts Design gave me a shot at temporary work; I then pulled off minor miracles to stretch that job into a 10 year run.

Soon after I came to work with Kathleen and her esteemed client base, the Loma Prieta Earthquake shook our entire downtown office building down to a mere skeleton from which our office remained intact long enough for us to escape. We rebuilt a home office and continued on but life had permanently shifted for me. Something had knocked "aloose" inside of me and at the prompting of friends, my guitar mate and I took our handful of songs and our two guitars and followed the lead of the rockin' women before us (Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Melissa, Shawn and on and on).

Riverpoets started as an alt folk/rock duo and became an all-girl foursome during our 7+ years. Songwriting continued to intrigue me as a new art form and I enjoyed living a dual life as a daytime graphic designer / night time chick rocker.

Sandy Shore approached me after a gig one night and kindly extended us an invitation to play her Sunday Morning show on KPIG 107.5 fm. Being very inexperienced in the "industry" I scoffed at her when she welcomed us to the station not realizing what an amazing opportunity it was. KPIG is now one of the last remaining heritage radio stations that still mix integral American roots music in an artful and respectful manner - and THE first FM station to stream on the internet. Sandy forgave me and saw me through the remainder of my musical head trip helping me to produce one final album of previously unrecorded material as a beautiful reminder of this time of my life.

I had always loved hearing Sandy on the radio, following her from station to station over the years - a strong female personality that reveled in introducing new music and weaving songs together with such artistic intention allowing the music to be the star. When I found out she produced concerts as well, I was impressed.

I attended her Concerts by the Bay Series in Monterey and was slack-jawed when I realized that she had reinvented the concert experience. It was everything I had NOT experienced while gigging around CA. The venue was boutique and gorgeous, the performances were outstanding, the artists were accessible and the managers even seemed satisfied; but more importantly the audience was mesmerized and they were hooked on Sandy Shore Productions. She had created the very thing that live concerts were lacking. I totally believed in her vision and went from designer to partner, rounding out her success with operational systems, strong imaging and clear accounting - I'm kind of a dual personality freak that way.

As if the 12+ shows a year wasn't engaging enough, Sandy started buying up domain names in 1995 with a vision of pioneering her own boutique internet radio stations one day. was born as an online ticket outlet during the 9 year reign of Sandy Shore Productions. We basically ran two companies simultaneously while the technology for internet broadcasting was being invented. went live in 2000 and surprised us all by staying at the #1 - #5 position daily on AOL's Shoutcast out of hundreds, and now hundreds of thousands of internet radio stations. We also launched a totally organic chill jazz format, - which provides a great vibe for artists and designers to create within. In a creative effort to help level the music industry playing field, we launched in 2005, highlighting the Independent jazz artists who are, in our opinion, the life's blood of the format. For more on our radio philosophy, visit has been our personal brass ring for much of that time as well. It is the culmination of both our personal journeys and I can only hope that we do this vision justice by combining the art of exceptionally deep audio programming with stellar graphics and vital content. I still don't understand how we've been patiently waiting until now and no one else has brought this idea to the surface - strong integral music by the greatest women songwriters of our time. In fact, AAA radio is playing less women then ever as if to slant reality that there is nothing of import by these women who still are perfecting their craft and expanding the boundaries of music as we know it. Sandy and I want to balance the scales - in fact tip them the other way - the way they have never been tipped!


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