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Music Playlist Questions:
Did you miss a song on our NOW SPINNING front page feature? Yikes! Well, you can always check our LAST HOUR PLAYLIST and if you don't catch the title and artist here, you are welcome to email us. We can't promise that we'll be able to deliver the song information, but if you can help us pinpoint the time you heard it (as well as your time zone) and what the tune sounded like (vocal, instrumental, female or male singer, main instrument, etc) we may just be able to locate the song in question.
Please email Sandy Shore.

Global Marketing Platform: is the perfect Global marketing platform for new music, travel destinations, hotels, restaurants, unique products and stores... please visit our on-line Media Kit for more information -OR- email Sandy Shore.

Promotional Imaging / Website:
If you'd like to include in a cross-promotion or have a cool branding idea, please email Sandy Shore

For questions regarding the Website or Radio Station, please contact our D*Lux Designer and Font of Functionality Donna Phillips

Airplay Consideration:
We listen to everything that is submitted, please be patient as we'll definitely get to your project! Don't forget to enclose contact information so that we may get back to you!

MP3 SUBMISSIONS : To submit your music via mp3, we would appreciate that you first please contact Sandy Shore and receive direction regarding your submission. Please DO NOT email mp3 files without contacting us first... we have a specific email account set up for you and would appreciate hearing from you first. Thanks!

CD SUBMISSIONS : Please feel free to submit your music on CD to us at the following addresses. We would appreciate a little background info, but if we can find that on-line, just direct us to your website or MySpace page. Please be as green as possible and do not send us folders... we just end up throwing those out.

CDs Must be Submitted to both of the following departments: Headquarters
PO Box 982, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
PH: 831.649.1223 | FX: 831.648.8801


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